• Are you “undecided” struggling to identify the right career and educational program?

An average of 40% of graduating college students  don’t know what they want to do as a career. Sometimes all they know is they do NOT want a career in what they are about to complete a degree in! This is especially true for women.

Many choose a college program based on what is easiest, most convenient, recommended by the enrollment staff (based on a few minutes of conversation with someone who doesn’t know the student and who has a job requirement to increase enrollment in specific programs), was on a chart of high income earnings, etc. often with little connection to the students personal strengths, research or long term planning. They often identify a dozen different, “I could do”, “my friend is doing”, “my parents want, etc.

1. Higher Education and Technical Programs Pre-Enrollment Workshops:

Strategic admissions and retention programs for higher education institutions and technical programs targeting new students pre-enrollment to support increased on-time program completion rates and post-graduation employment rates utilizing their completed program.

2. Career Exposure, Internship & Employment Advocacy: Facilitated field trip tours with business case solution projects, summer programs, internships, mentor programs and employment in STEM, business and skilled trade through employer relationships.

3. Entrepreneurial Incubator:

Provide business breeding, mentorship and start-up support systems for M/W/SBE/DBE/HBE business development enabling a collaborative growth-oriented network.


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