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  • Are you overwhelmed with simply surviving, feeling hopelessly trapped in low-wage job cycle or long-term unemployment?
  • Are you unemployed, underemployed or want to change industries and don’t know where to start?

Our Approach

What makes Successful Careers unique? We don’t feed into the frenzy of having multiple different resume with all the power or key words trying to be what employers are hiring for. This approach fails to enable a strategic career search leveraging talent, experience, values and best position and organizational fit, divides energies and typically uses a mass submission strategy with limited or mediocre results perpetuating workers to settle for what is immediately achievable. This approach is often counter-productive for long-term sustainable and growth oriented employment.

  • Poverty, fear and discouragement are extremely effective barriers to entry that significantly impact many youths and adults preventing them from understanding and utilizing their talents, abilities and educational opportunities to escape the poverty cycle.

Experience your Successful Career by adjusting your perspective, establishing hope and laying a new foundation built on strategic self-assessment, values and vision.

  1. Adult Career Workshops: “Successful Careers- In Transition” for unemployed/ underemployed adults.This is a 7 week workshop that meets for 2 hours, once per week OR can be condensed for a 2 full days intensive. Class size is typically 35-50.
  2. Parenting Workshops: Workshops for parents, grandparents and other caregivers promoting parenting awareness in understanding and closing personality and generational gaps, empowerment, involvement motivation, practical parenting skill development, support and resources (In process- TBD into online course for national penetration).


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