Youth Services

1. Youth Education & Career Engagement Motivational Speakers:

Includes a local bench of women and minority professionals for in-person testimonials demonstrating access to successful careers based on academic perseverance.

Youth Education Engagement & Motivational Speakers provides  perspective adjustment and exposure in a highly interactive and technology utilization format! Typically 100 participants. Internet access, projector, microphone and screen needed. Time keeper needed. (May include “Like a Millionaire” game time permitting.)

2. Youth Relational Workshops:

Young Ladies Only- Focused on enlightening and challenging young ladies to  “Protect their Heart” by developing a personal commitment plan to meet emotional needs in a healthy productive manner in order to enable career goals.  This is a hands-on activity.

Young Men Only– Focused on differentiating between male-hood and manhood and its applicable characteristics, challenging young men to understanding how their decisions and actions today affect them in the long-term and commit to a personal action plan to manage these appropriately.

3. Career Workshops for unemployed teens or for youth preparing to select a college major or enter the job market providing practical tools and exercises. This is a 7 week workshop that meets for 2 hours, once per week OR can be condensed for a 2 full days intensive. Class size is typically 35-50. Participants will complete assignments each week. The below are included within the 7 week workshop or can be broken out separately:

a. Career Identification Workshop (2 parts) requires completion of 360° Self-Analysis Exercises.

b. Portfolio Preparation Workshop- Upon conclusion, participants should have a quality resume, cover letter and follow-up letter prepared. *Advance preparation work is required. This is a 2 hour workshop. Ideally, limited to a maximum of 30 participants within a computer lab (each participant with their own computer), projector, and screen needed.

c. Interviewing Skills Workshop- Participants will develop interview “to do” list and engage in role playing activities to respond to interview questions and scenarios. Behavior-based and scenario- based questions are heavily emphasized. *Advance work is required; (Respond to Basic Interview Questions). This is a 2 hour workshop. Ideally, limited to 12 - 25 participants.

4. Career Exposure, Internship & Employment Advocacy: Facilitated field trip tours with business case solution projects, in STEM, business and skilled trade venues through employer relationships.

*5. Half credit elective course:

“Successful Careers- In-Development” textbook and software program for middle and high school students.

Provides perspective adjustment, academic and career motivation, character building and student driven behavior modification for academic and social results with in an interactive online gaming environment with links to state curriculum standards.

*In-process of development.

Break the Cycle

If you didn’t believe you had access to equitable employment regardless of effort, would you care about your education or criminal record?

At-risk youth are negatively and disproportionately represented in significant perspective and access limiting challenges:

  • Multi-Generational Single-Parent homes & poverty
  • Juvenile Arrests & Incarcerated Parents
  • Lack of On-time High-school Completion
  • Lack of completion of Bachelor & Masters degrees
  • Equitable Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

 Can education results be changed as a result of motivation, exposure and access to equitable employment?

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

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