An Academic Motivation and Intervention Program

Early Motivation, Intervention and Career Access Program targeting at-risk middle and high school youth to open their limited perspective and provide motivation, exposure and access to STEM and business fields as well as skilled trade and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Reduces almost exclusive focus on athletic and entertainment industries with defaults to criminal activity due to a skewed perspective on “success” and available career options.
  • Creates understanding of practical necessity and application of education.
  • Focus on building and maintaining character and ethics despite circumstances and temptations.
  • Develops self-awareness of underlying causes of behaviors, outcome trend lines and corrective action resources.
  • Motivates via exposure to minorities in STEM, business, skilled trade and entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitates exposure and access to high demand/ high wage fields through business partnerships.

In order to dramatically improve high school and college on-time graduation rates.

Youth Education Services

  • Speakers Services
  • Workshops
  • Online course
  • NEW! Foster Home


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Career Transition & Business Development Services

  • Entrepreneur Incubator
  • College Entrance Workshop
  • Internships / Job Placement
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Adult Services

  • Career Workshops: Successful Careers- In Transition
  • Parenting Workshops
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